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Ivano Vitali, “Rosa bomb-on” (2006). Dress made with the newspaper "La Gazzetta dello Sport" and composed by a waistcoat (2003), mini-skirt (2004) and bomb-on (2006).

IVANO VITALI. The thread of tradition

The Galleria d’Arte Farneti in Forlì hosts a solo exhibition by the Italian ecologist, sculptor, and performer

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Presented by Renata Pompas, the solo exhibition by Ivano Vitali entitled “Il filo della tradizione” (“The thread of tradition”) will be held from 26th September to 14th October 2009 at the Galleria d’Arte Farneti in Forlì (Italy). The opening is scheduled for Saturday 26th September at 5 p.m.

The presentation by Renata Pompas

«Ivano Vitali is a performer, very active in making people aware through art of respect for nature, of simple and fundamental gestures, of an authentic expression shunning easy glamourous effects dominant nowadays.
Vitali grew up in touch with nature in the valleys of the Po Delta near Argenta. He studied at the Art Academy of Bologna, where he attended Flavio Caroli’s lessons on “Arte povera”, and the “Week of the performance” held by Renato Barilli».

The artist as a founder of the Group A.R.F. (Art Research Florence)

«In the midseventies he moved to Impruneta (Florence), where he made his first performances and installations using the materials that nature offered him: dry branches, faggots and papier maché.
Then in 1992 he founded the Group A.R.F. (Art Research Florence) and in 1997 he started documenting his activity on the net.
Being interested in an expression that conjugates the poor existing materials, making the most of them in their simplicity without any artificial alteration, he found in the paper of the dailies an inexhaustible source of raw material».

The spectator's involvement with Vitali’s performances

«Vitali loves involving the people who are present at his performances, that he accompanies with the movement of his body and the sound of paper: Te tears the pages of the newspapers in the right direction, he turns them into stripes of the desired thinness and moves paper in space with a precise and hieratic gesture according to spatial movements, sounds and assemblages which are different every time and give the action a unique meaning.
With a toilsome work of classification, he gathers and selects the sheets of newspapers, dividing them according to their colours and creates works of different size: sometimes they are large and fragile installations animating the space like enormous and precarious cobwebs through which you can pass, sometimes they are compact sculptures of refined beauty.
Paper, in touch with air, tends to turn yellow and, as a consequence colours become warmer and reminds their vegetable origin: in fact also wood, once it is cut and exposed to air, turns yellow».

Sculptures of wearable art surprisingly manufactured with “newspaper tricot”

«With a long and slow manual work, without using scissors, glue or colours, Vitali twists the strips of torn paper tightly, making very long threads, he then winds them into balls, which constitute the basis of the following activity. The slow meditation time, accompanied by the rhythm of breathing, models the thread knitted with giant knitting needles, crochet-hooks of different size and a vertical loom, built by Vitali with natural, not-treated wood.
It is with giant knitting needles that he weaves the large “Tape-stries”. With thin tightly twisted threads he creates sculptures of wearable art (garments which are just occasionally wearable), surprisingly manufactured with “newspaper tricot” such as the dress “Rosa bomb-on” made with the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, which causes perceptive discomfiture for the truthfulness of its shape, proportion and finish».

The works exposed for the first time

«Among his last works, shown for the first time at the exhibition in Forlì, a giant sock and glove, which, in their overdimensions exceed the reference to simple familiar garments and become environmental works».

Ivano Vitali: biographical notes

Ivano Vitali has long lived in Tuscany, but he was born at Campotto di Argenta (Ferrara) from parents native of Romagma: his father from Bertinoro (FC) and his mother from Meldola (FC). They live in Forlì at present. He attended the Art Institute of Forlì (1966-1969) and the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (1969-1973).
Other info can be found on Ivano Vitali's official website

    Exhibition's data

  • Ivano Vitali. “The thread of tradition”
    Presented by Renata Pompas
    from 26th September to 14th October 2009
    Opening: Saturday 26th September at 5 p.m.
  • Galleria d’Arte Farneti
    Forlì, Via degli Orgogliosi 7
  • Opening hours:
    from 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 and from 4.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
    Closed on Thursdays and Festivities
  • Info:
    Galleria d’Arte Farneti
    Tel. (+39) 0543 30337

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